Your Limiting Factors

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 What are your limiting factors?  Have you even thought about them?

One of the keys to unlocking your true potential in life is not necessarily searching out your area of excellence directly, but to search out what is limiting and holding you back.  It’s a little bit reverse engineered but we often know what’s holding us back, than we know what we need to achieve out true potential.  We all have lots of differing limitations which are standing between us and what we want to be doing and where we want to go.  But do you know what they are or how to remove them?


Find your weakness.  

Find what’s holding you back and keeping you from succeeding and FIX IT.  

One step at a time, find it, fix it.  


We are always trying to move forward closer to living the life we dream and achieving the goals we have set.  However, to do this we are always trying to add things to become more or better to move us forward.  Whether that is through education, equipment or certain people maybe.  When instead rather than adding something, if we removed certain things we might find that we move forward just as much, if not further than when we were trying to add things.

We don’t actually often look at what might be holding us back, do we?.

By removing any limitations is a sure fire way to accelerated development.  Now who wouldn’t want that?  So in essence we actually achieve our success indirectly, instead of focusing our energy on the dream, we focus it on whats standing in our way.  Remove them and success happens all by itself.

Your Limiting Factors

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Take a look at your goals and drill down to find out what is actually stopping you from your goals.  If you’re honest with yourself when finding what is actually limiting you, you may find that some of your limitations may be harder to let go of than others.  But your ability to be able to fully let go or not, comes down to how much you actually want to achieve that goal.


So make a list then get eliminating those limitations.


Have a great week everyone.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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