Time To Get A Grip

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This mornings #TrainingTips post is all about your grip.

Time To Get A Grip

Have you ever found your grip strength letting you down in the gym?  If you haven’t, then either you’re one of the blessed individuals or you just don’t push hard enough.

There are a whole host of exercises that are grip dependant and sometimes the only limiting factor stopping you from progressing is the ability to maintain that grip.

That’s why the uses of wrist straps, figure eights and weightlifters hook grip are used, but why not spend the time to improve your grip so you don’t need to use these accessories or techniques unless obviously necessarily.

Time To Get A Grip

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So if you want to create a grip which even scares yourself here’s some great ways to go about it.

Thick Bar Training

An excellent and sure-fire way to get those forearms burning is to use thicker bars.

By increasing the thickness of the bar, you’re placing a greater demand on your hands to grip something larger than it’s used to.  It can be quite frustrating at first but even after a short amount of time you will see massive improvements in your grip strength.

There are various options available to you here.  You can simply wrap a towel around a bar to increase the diameter, there are various makes of fat grips nowadays which you can buy, or having access to an axle bar is another great option.  But outside of the standard barbell, start thinking outside of the box.

Try using thicker bars for your pull ups, getting accustomed to parallettes and rings and not forgetting kids playgrounds are full of thick bars just waiting to be played on.

Bulgarian Bag Training

The Bulgarian Bag, not an obvious grip strengthening tool to some, but to anybody who has used one will know all about the forearm burn you get from using one.  I remember when I first started using the bag about 7 years ago, even after using it for a couple of months once or twice a week it added an extra 40kg to my bare hand Deadlift.


Hanging from a bar in the gym does get some funny looks sometimes but who cares.

Time To Get A Grip

Image Source: © Meinzahn | Stock Free Images

Hanging by two hands and then progressing to single hand, challenges your grip to be able to support your entire body weight.  Not only do hangs have a huge benefit to your grip strength but because it places a huge demand on the arms, shoulders, core and back, it creases more than just grip strength.  You develop raw strength in your upper body which is hard to replicate with other exercises.

Get busy and give it a go.  Have a great weekend guys.


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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