Testosterone 101

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This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about testosterone.

Why? Well first of all it is a vital hormone for both us men and women.  But more specifically I want to give you an overview of what testosterone is actually all about, as particularly within the male gender spectrum it is seen as something that needs to be boosted to ever increasing levels without any real understanding of the ramifications (as usual marketing is not your friend).

So first of all what is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an anabolic group of steroids that’s main effect on our body is growth and masculinising.  Now testosterone is completely natural steroid that is produced in both males and females, which regulates libido, energy, immune function, muscle development and bone health.

Typical testosterone levels vary from person to person and it won’t be a shock to find out that males in general have more testosterone than females:

Male: 230-1000 ng/dL

Female: 28-80 ng/dL

Testosterone 101

Image Source: https://www.myvmc.com/anatomy/testosterone/

In most cases to maintain a healthy testosterone level within your body for muscle growth and optimal recovery and health you want to be doing the following:

  • Partaking in regular intense exercise
  • Partaking in regular (safe) sexual activity
  • Get adequate sleep 7-10 hours per night
  • Control stress and anxiety levels
  • Avoid medications and drugs
  • Consuming a well balanced diet that is right for your body type
  • Not severely restricting calories

If you do all this everything is all hunky dory.


Some people however may suffer from an excess of testosterone, this more often than not is due to supplementation of testosterone boosting drugs.

However this can occur naturally too, but it is less common.  Boosting your testosterone via supplementation is not advised unless you’re someone that has a naturally low testosterone level.

So is too much testosterone bad for you?

Hell yeah it is!  Excessive amounts of testosterone in your body can and will be converted into estrogen and when this happens you’re likely to get man boobs, be highly emotional and increase your likelihood of cancers.  Remember testosterone is a growth steroid, so that can mean growth in a good way and also a bad way.

High testosterone levels also induce oily skin and acne, remind you of any teenagers you know?  If is does lowering the amount of wheat and diary in their diet can help.

Common signs of excessive testosterone in the body are:

  • Low libido
  • Low aggressiveness
  • Low motivation to workout

These symptoms are due to a high total testosterone and a low amount of free testosterone in the body.  Free testosterone is the bioactive form of testosterone.  Low levels of free testosterone can also be linked to high levels of cortisol (the hormone the breaks things down) due too calorific deficit, to much cardio and stress.

Testosterone 101

Image Source: https://nobullnutrition.co/2016/05/31/supplements/

So what’s the take home message?  Basically eat well, exercise hard, get busy and sleep deep.  Oh and don’t supplement testosterone boosters unless you actually have a low total testosterone level.  If you think you have any of the symptoms of high testosterone go see you GP.


Till next week, have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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