Happy Monday.

These weeks seem to fly by and I can’t believe tomorrow is join going to be the first of July already, where has this year gone already?

This weekend just gone saw a group from my #FitPlay class take on The Suffering Race 10k and it was the longest 10k I’ve ever done, more like 10 miles, but anyway it wasn’t an easy race even for myself and all those hills definitely gave justice to the race being called the suffering.  But as a team we all pulled together and crossed the line and finished and I know there were times when some of us would of quite happily thrown in the towel and said enough is enough, we endured the discomfort and pain finished together.

As individuals we all have our strengths and weaknesses, use your strengths to help others in your team in their time of need and work to strengthen your weaknesses to help yourself.  You will be surprised how many teams you are a part of without even thinking to hard, different family groups, school friends, gym buddies, karateka, social clubs, sporting clubs, the city and country were you live the list goes on.  Helping others only costs you a little time to be aware of others, rather than yourself and by doing so you will reap the benefits.


Until next week

Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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