Strongman Training

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This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about a fitness trend which is gaining a huge amount of momentum.


Strongman Training!!


Strongman styled training has been becoming more and more popular outside of it’s usual remit and we’re seeing normal people strap up and get involved in various strongman competitions testing their strengths against others.  It’s even worked it’s way into the commercial gym setting too.  But what’s caused this newfound hype?

Why it is exactly I’m not sure but with UK’s Eddie Hall gaining higher publicity since breaking the Deadlift World Record last year and also placing himself as a serious World’s Strongest Man Competitor it’s no wonder why we are being exposed to the concepts of strongman training more.

But the strongman training that is going on can be accessed by anybody, it’s not just your stereotypical mountain sized men.  We’re seeing all shapes, sizes and sex’s giving some strongman styled training ago and after doing some of it myself you can see why when people give it a go they keep on coming back for more.  And with it’s increased popularity we’re seeing numerous local strongman events popping up all over the place too.

Strongman training at it’s simplest form is basically lifting heavy awkward objects and getting them from A to B and that’s it.  Obviously it’s a little more involved than that, as just like with any other type of weightlifting there are various technical points to make sure you’re doing to keep yourself safe.  But once you’ve got the basics down, strongman training becomes more than just lifting heavy things.  It becomes a pursuit to better yourself and that’s where this type of training is excelling, it makes people want to get stronger and fitter than they are today, which is no bad thing.

Strongman Training

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This type of training boasts may benefits that impact your everyday life and allows you to get through each day a little easier and there is no substitute for the all round strength gains that comes from lifting and carrying heavy objects.  Your weaknesses are highlighted to you very quickly, you may be able to bench press 160kg but can you pick up an atlas stone that weights more than you and place it on a stand chest height?  It’s a lot harder than you think.  It’s a very primal and fundamentally simple way of training and I’ve seen the benefits first hand, through myself and others around me.

Farmers walks, atlas stones, yoke walks, sled pulls, log presses, tyre flips and so much more is just the tip of the ice berg and it’s bound to be going on where you live.  It doesn’t have to be out of your reach if you are willing to grow and expand your training skills and your mind.  It may not be for everyone but as long as training is progressive there are little to stop complete newbie’s to aged old gym rats giving it a go.  Being functionally stronger doesn’t come with any negatives, so put the barbells down and leave the treadmill alone from time to time and give strongman training a go.


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