Snack Time


Today’s #TrainingTips post is all about snacking.

Snacking is part of everyday life, we all do it.  We all love that in between meal snack time nibble, whether its a planned snack or more often we are bored.  But choosing the right things to snack on is the difficult part, especially when you’re in a rush or you just need that quick fix.  It’s not made any easier when there are so many different things on the supermarket shelf which are shouting at you, ‘EAT ME!’.  Companies spend an incredible amount of money on advertising and design to make their product appealing to you and many use clever ways to make you believe they’re better for you than they actually are.


So it can be hard to know what the healthier choices are.

No matter what supermarket or shop you go in nowadays, there appears to be more varieties of snack bars than there is spices in the spice rack.  Choosing the better option is the hard part because in all honesty how do you know what you are looking at unless you have studied nutrition.


So what do I look for?

  • Avoid those high in Carbohydrates – you will find these are usually high in fined Carbohydrates.
  • Avoid those containing vegetable oils and partially/hydrogenated fat.
  • Avoid those containing fructose corn syrup
  • Look for high Protein or Fat content – most high Protein and Fat snack bars use seeds, nuts, coconut and hemp.


If you look at the ingredients list on the packet you will find that the ingredients should be arranged in an order of highest content first, so always check what comes high on the list.

Snack Time

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I personally love yogurt as my go to snack.  It’s quick and easy and you can add all sorts to them to spices things up, I always add nuts and fruit to mine.   When choosing your yogurt however, always steer clear of anything labelled up as ‘fat free’ or reduced this or reduced that.  Anything with reduced something means its been played with from its natural state and more often than not, also means added sugar too.  Try to find a full fat natural yogurt, natural Greek yogurt is always a good choice and tastes great too.


Some great snack time ideas for you:

  • Yogurt with nuts and fruit
  • Healthy snack bar
  • Homemade smoothies
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fruits
  • Raw vegetables; try carrots and hummus.
  • Pre-cooked meats such as ham and chicken
  • Boiled eggs
  • Homemade salad pots without the processed dressings
  • Cheese and oatcakes


There is no real need to snack on anything unhealthy, there are always better options right in front of you.  So try not to be enticed by the clever marketing and colourful packaging, read the labels and snack better and always go for the natural unprocessed options.  Why not plan some snacks by having some of the ingredients from above at home, or how about making your own snack bars that way you know exactly what is going into it and you can tailor them to your taste.


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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