Setting Targets


Morning all…!Today’s #MotivationMonday post is set to kick start your week as well as my own!

My motivation was sorely tested this weekend by putting together an Ikea wardrobe (plus the wardrobe accessories!!!) was like stepping into a time vortex.  I’ve never known time to disappear so quickly and after finally finishing, my better half and I were both left feeling like our heads were numb!  

Anyway enough of the boring stuff, to kick this week off on the right foot I want you to set yourself one short term goal (1-2 weeks), one mid term goal (3-6 months) and one long term goal (8-12 months).  Write them down, break them down into smaller manageable chunks if necessary, then set them out so you can see them on a daily basis and get to work.  

My goals are to finally catch up on my outstanding emails that I’ve not had chance to read since being back from holiday, finish my Precision Nutrition certification and finally to help more fighters win more fights with the Ultimate Fighter Transformation Process.  

Share your goals if you would like and we can become accountable to each other and get achieving.

Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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