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Today’s #MondayMotivation post is about self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the belief that you can successfully perform or achieve a given task.  This is something we carry every single day and our self-confidence can change depending on what lays ahead of us.  This means our confidence is unstable and ever changing.

Are you a confident person?  Do you feel confident in what you do and where you are going?

If not then that’s fine, but you are part of your own self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you expect to do poorly or you don’t have the confidence to step forward and take charge of your situations, you’re more likely to stay in this spiral of non achievement and low fulfilment.

Heres an example:  Rodger Banister was the first person to break the 4 minute mile in 1954.  Before this time everyone believed that it was impossible and beyond human potential.   Many people tried and a good percentage of them on the clock were on target to break it, but they all seemed to slip away at the last minute.  Was this physical fatigue or was there something going on?  That following year once Banister had achieved it, more than a dozen people also broke the 4 minute mile too.


How come so many people achieved it that following year, when up until Banister did it, it was deemed impossible!!  The reason for this is that people now believed it could be done.  They had belief and the self-confidence to do it.  This suggests that maybe all those previous failures were down to psychological fatigue instead.  They didn’t have the belief or self-confidence to see it through.

Banister achieved it because he believed he could do it.  This needs to be you, you need to believe and have the self-confidence in what you’re doing and where you’re going.

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Believe in your ability

Imagine your success

Work hard to get there

Have a great week everyone.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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