Plan For Success

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Time to kick start this week with a #MondayMotivation post.

When you have these bright ideas that you would like to achieve, do you plan for success?  Do you map out your journey?

There are many different ways to achieve success and planning is an absolute integral part of it.  But everyone will tell you that there way I is the best method to follow as that way has worked for them.  However not every method toward success may be right for you.

When planning out goals you are always told of different ways to gain focus and channel your energy to achieve them.  I myself do this on a weekly basis, giving you little ways to maintain motivation and keep your goals on track.

But what is best, should we focus on our end goals, the outcomes or the process toward those goals?  There are many different opinions on this subject, but how are we to know which one is best, or if one of them is actually better than the other at all.  Each argue the very same ideals as each other, saying if you follow their way you will reach your goals and achieve success, but surely they both can’t be right?

Can they?

I personally believe that if you purely focus on the outcome, your end goal can seem so far away.  Which could cause you to lose sight of your goal and cause a drop in your motivation.  But then again, if your focus is purely on the process toward your end goal, you may become lost by being consumed by the process you’re currently on.

Plan For Success

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In my own personal experience, and this is purely what I have learnt on my journey thus far, you need to have a firm understanding and focus of your end goal, as well as an imaginary picture of what life will be like to have reached this goal.

Having this is important, however, I wouldn’t have your end goal completely set in stone.  Things do change on your journey and certain goals may make you rethink your end goal.  If this happens, then something obviously is not quite right with where you were heading.  I like to think of my end goals to be made of play-dough, I will have a firm objective of my goal and the path in which I need to walk, but as it’s made of play-dough I reshape it as I go.

Your process to get to the top of the mountain may take many different paths and still lead to the same end point, so breaking down that journey into bite size pieces is something I’ve done and it’s proved to be very effective.  That once perceived big and unachievable goal now becomes many mini bite size pieces toward a bigger overall outcome, in this way you take care of both the process and the outcome whilst maintaining focus where you are now.  This will keep your motivation burning away like a hot furnace.

Plan For Success

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Everyone’s journey is different and the lessons I have learnt may not be the right path for everybody.  I have achieved many big goals in my life and I still have many goals I have yet to achieve, but what I do know, everyday that passes I’m a little closer to accomplishing them because I follow these methods.


Get busy and have a great week guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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