Pick Up The Chase

Morning all,

It’s Monday once more so it must be #MondayMotivation time.

We’re officially on the countdown to Christmas with day 4 on my advent calendar already open.  There are officially only 3 more Mondays left of 2017 after today.  Quite scary to think just how quickly 49 Mondays can just flash by with the blink of an eye.  Can you say your last 49 Mondays have been filled with the drive and purpose of knowing exactly who you are and where you are going?

Probably not.  How many of us actually can?

Most people seem to be on a conveyor belt of society which has no real destination, or at least it’s not their destination of choice anyway.  We are all surrounded by so many opportunities, but so many of us seem to be starring blindly at the back of another person who is on the same wandering conveyor belt.

Pick Up The Chase

Image Source: https://www.conservativehome.com/thinktankcentral/2011/08/alexandra-crossley-disrupting-the-gangs-that-feed-the-conveyor-belt-to-crime.html

Do you even know where you are going by being on this conveyor belt?

If you don’t, where are you actually going?  You need a purpose, a goal, a dream to strive for, to guide your focus.  If you don’t you just ‘are’.  Breathing and consuming and not giving anything back.

Find your purpose in life and chase after it like your life depended on it.  We all don’t need to have world changing ideas to make a difference in this world, if your purpose is to make huge worldly changes then go make them.  If your purpose is to bring up the next generation in this world, then bring them up in a way that will create a positive impact on our world.

Jump off this destinationless conveyor belt to destruction and do something of purpose and keep chasing after it.  Help make a difference in this world, not break it.


Have a great week guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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