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I’m sure you have all heard the saying before ‘You can’t out exercise a bad diet’, if you haven’t where have you been hiding? I must have heard this a million times and I’ve even written a blog on it myself.  But for some reason the reality of this saying just hasn’t completely sunk in yet.

We all know that exercise and a healthy diet are good for us, so I thought I would come at it from a different angle for a change.  Instead of me going on about the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, I’m going to talk about the effects a sustained poor diet can have on you instead.

Before we get stuck in I hate the word ‘DIET’ even though I use it When you hear someone say ‘diet’ people automatically presume there is a restriction of some kind involved.  But that’s not always the case.  The definition in the Oxford Dictionary for diet is spot on, it says ‘The kinds of food that a person eats’ then goes on to give examples of animal, vegetarian and vegan.  So where this assumption manifested from I’m not sure.

There is an endless list of various diets you can find if you google it: Juice this and juice that, The Cambridge diet, Paleo, Loads of meal replacement shakes companies, Low carb diets, it’s mental I could seriously write a 5000 word essay just naming them all.


Anyway, we all enjoy eating out and scoffing down the naughty stuff.  We’re all human after all and I will hold my hands up I’m no angel but, and this is a big BUT, everything in moderation.  And it’s this moderation where most find it the hardest.  Treat yourself of course, just don’t base your complete eating habits around it.

But say you did, your diet consisted of regular takeaways, quick and easy preprepared meals, high processed foods and snacks and regular fizzy drinks.   It’s easily done, trust me I’ve seen it countless times.

 You may just find that:

  • The gains from all your hard work in the gym are very small and slow coming.
  • Your motivation and energy levels to actually work toward those gains is very poor.
  • You become sick or pick up injuries very easily.
  • Your hair feels straw like and your skin seems to be ageing beyond your years.
  • Developing poor oral health (didn’t expect that one did you).
  • Excessive weight gain or loss (ok you would have expected that one).
  • Your cognitive functions will start slowing.
  • Developing digestive problems.


Why is this?

Well all these listed above all have various specific answers and I won’t bore you with them all, but the underlying problem is that the body is being starved of vital macro and micro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals) to function optimally.  This has a direct affect on your hormone balance and your immune system that affects the efficiency of our bodies.

In other words your metabolism will slow down, your stress hormones will go up and your muscle building hormones will go down.  Making you feel down, sluggish and more than likely pretty moody.

If that sounds appealing to you please be my guest and knock yourself out.

You wouldn’t go and put the wrong fuel in your car would you?  And if you have you will know full well what the repercussions are, so why on earth would you do that to your body.  We are a biological machine after all.


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For those that wish to start fuelling their machine better, stay clear of processed foods, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats and if possible prepare it yourself so you know exactly what has gone into it.


Have a good weekend guys.

Stay strong and live, love and laugh!







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