Looking In


Today’s #MondayMotivation post is one of looking in.

Do you deflect positive energy?  Would you notice it if you did?

Many of us avoid receiving positive energy by deflecting it’s flow and you probably don’t even realise you are doing it.  It’s more common than I even realised until I became aware of it.  I saw it in myself and others, it’s everywhere.  At first I thought of it as people were just being modest and it being a bit of a British trait, but the more I observed it, the more I’m coming to the thinking of we all just don’t like positive energy being directed at us.  Now how stupid is that?


Here’s an example:

Gary: You worked hard tonight Chris.

Chris: Nah, I felt I didn’t push myself as hard today.

Gary: Really, You’re heart rate was in the 80%  range all the way through.

Chris: Yeah but I should of hit up into the 90% range.

In this simple example Gary is paying Chris a compliment and Chris is deflecting the positivity and filling the moment with negativity.  It’s completely stupid, but something so simple becomes a habit and you find that you will almost always deflect positivity that comes your way when it’s in this form.


So lets try again with that example and see if we can make it better:

Gary: You worked hard tonight Chris.

Chris: Thanks. It was a tough session, next time I want to get into the 90% range.

Now in this example Chris has acknowledged the compliment and received the positivity before he expresses his desire to get into the 90% range.  This acknowledgement of Gary’s compliment will make Chris feel good about himself and that he worked hard.  I know it may seem very trivial the change that was made, but if there is positive energy coming your way, take it and enjoy it.  If you do notice yourself deflecting positive energy coming your way here’s what to do: Next time you do receive some positive energy in your direction just pause for a moment to acknowledge that this positivity is being aimed at you and thank them.

Looking In

Image Source: http://www.zoom-comics.com/archives/5384/captain-america-deflects-bullets/captain-america-deflects-bullets-2/

Something so simple can make huge impacts on your life and mental wellbeing and because it is something so ridiculously simple to observe and change I implore you to give it a go.

Have a great week guys.

Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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