Listening To Yourself

Morning all,

Well we have landed on another Bank Holiday Monday, but Bank Holiday or not it’s time for another #MondayMotivation post.

This week’s theme is all to do with listening and listening to yourself to be more exact.  It may sound silly to some of you but do you ever listen to the words that come out of your mouth?  And I mean actually listen?  

I would guess a large majority doesn’t.  Don’t think badly of yourself if you’ve never thought about it.  The interactive world we live in is very externally focused and we spend little time looking at ourselves.  You will find it far more easier to observe someone else, than you would observing yourself.  Which in reality is a crying shame, as why wouldn’t you want to look after number one and know how you are feeling and to know what you are doing.

You may be thinking ‘Of course I know what I’m feeling and doing’.  But do you?


We all, myself included get court up in this automatic functioning mode where we do a lot of doing with out thinking.  How often have you been driving your car and arrived at your destination, to not actually be able to recall the entire drive there?  Or how about when speaking to someone you have said something you didn’t mean to, or you’ve ended repeating yourself a couple or times because you weren’t fully listening the first time.  We’ve all done it and we are all doing it more often than we are not.

We are all basically flying on autopilot, laid back with blinkers on.  What would you think if you saw your pilot doing that the next time you’re 30000 feet in the air.  It would scare the living daylights out of you, wouldn’t it?  And I’m pretty sure your response would be to wake the pilot and tell them to concentrate on the job at hand.  So just because we are not 30000 feet in the air and we have our feet firmly planted on the ground, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the same amount of focus as if we were.

So I would like you to start to become more focused on what is going on around you.  A perfect way in starting to attune yourself into being present is by observing yourself.  Listen to the language you use, is it negative or positive?  Because of the way we are becoming it’s very easy to get court up in and speak in a negative fashion and always have focus on the bad rather than the good.  But do you know if you are doing this?

Listening To Yourself

Image Source: © Vladacanon | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Most of the time only very subtle changes are needed to the way one speaks to bring upon a positive and optimistic spin on every situation.

Here are a few language shifts that will have you feeling more positive and having a positive effect on the people that are around you too.

  • I can’t — I can or I will try
  • I won’t — I will 
  • That’s impossible — That is possible 
  • Never — Not yet
  • Why is this happening — How can I stop this happening

See how you get on with listening to the words you use.  With observing this would you change the words you use?  Turn off that autopilot and become more autonomous.  Act and listen with freedom and under the full awareness of how you are feeling and what you are doing.  And how these actions affect everyone around you.


Food for thought on this Bank Holiday.  Enjoy your day and have a great week guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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