Learned Helplessness

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Hope you’ve all had a great Father’s day weekend.  Well it’s time to kick start this week with a #MondayMotivation post.


Are you a victim of learned helplessness?  

A strange question, so first a story to explain.  In India when elephants are young they’re tied to trees to stop them running away, they do this to teach obedience.  You see, no matter how much the young elephant pulls at the tree, the tree does not move, time after time it will try, but still the same result.  After trying so hard to escape the elephant learns it cannot break free no matter how hard it try’s, this is called ‘learned helplessness’.  The result of this is a fully grown adult elephant can be tied to a twig and it will still believe it cannot escape and won’t even try too.

Learned Helplessness

Picture from the cover of Geoff Thompson’s Elephant and a Twig

Sad really because that elephant has the strength and ability to run away, it just doesn’t see it in it’s self.  This same situation can be seen everywhere, if you’re told you cannot do something over and over again, you will eventually start to believe what is said to you and eventually it becomes your own beliefs too.  In certain situations in life it is commonplace to think in certain ways, these thoughts then become beliefs and these beliefs can shape you, your family, your community and everything around you.  But these thoughts might not be of any benefit to yourself or anyone else, in fact they may be extremely damaging.

Many of our situations in life can be changed by our thoughts and expectations of ourselves, we may be helpless because we have learned to be helpless.  We are all capable of so much more than we realise.  We, just like the elephant, are all being held back by what we know, or what we believe we know.


Test your boundaries and never lose faith in yourself to achieve.


The thought of not being in control I think is quite pertinent with what we are all voting over on Thursday.  Now I’m not here to tell you how to vote.  Nor am I going to tell you how I’m going to vote, as this is your decision and yours alone.  What I do believe however is before you vote, you should have an understanding of what you are voting for and not just voting helplessly along with how the people around you are or being swayed by potential lies from either campaign.  Don’t be helpless, take control, do your research of non-biased information and vote knowing what you’re voting for.


Until next week guys have a great week.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!







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