Keeping Focused

Morning all,

Today’s #MondayMotivation post is all about keeping focused.

By keeping focused I am referring to keeping yourself on your path to success but also managing your day-to-day life also.  It’s very easy to be looking further ahead and striving towards your goals and let your everyday life slip slightly.  But it’s these everyday’s that form the foundations of you attaining your successes.

With lots of things going on of late, I myself have felt a little disconnected from my everyday at times.  But to realise this and to be aware of these everyday changes means I can do something about it.  All too often people are so consumed by the external world that they do not realise when they may need a little self-healing.

Everyday brings about new challenges in different forms and sometimes they can get on top of you without realising it.  Being self-aware can help you realise when you’re not necessarily coping with everything.  In an ideal world we would never get to this point, but unfortunately we don’t.

Doing some mind dumpling can be a good first step to getting out everything that’s buzzing around your head out and down on paper.  It’s amazing how just one simple action can help you to see a little clarity.  Then making a list and action plan to address it can feel like a weight has been lifted.  This is something that I find absolutely vital to keeping myself in check, that and meditation.  And it’s the meditation which I have let slip more so than anything.  It’s not everyone’s bag, but it works for me.  Just taking a little quite time with some relaxing quiet music is just as good for some.

Keeping Focused

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I took some time last week to have a mind dumpling session and picked up my meditation again and I feel like a new person.  Simple actions a lot of the time can make huge impacts to your life.

So I implore you too take some time this week to do some mind dumping and some chilled quiet time whether you feel like you need it or not.  You might just feel better for it afterward.


Have a great week everyone.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!







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