Is Your Brain Fooling You?

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Time for another #MondayMotivation post to kick start this week off.

Last week I watched a video of a group of people that were each given two glasses of wine to taste. Each glass was filled with exactly the same white wine, however, one glass had some food colouring added to it to make it appear to be red wine. Each member of this group was convinced that the two wines tasted completely different despite them being the same wine. What was happening was their brain was receiving different sensory inputs from sight, sound, smell and taste. In a sense they were being fooled by their own brain based on their perceptions.


Now my question is, how often are we being fooled by our brain?

The answer is actually all the time. Our own realities are an amalgamation of all the sensory inputs and the perceptions of our past experiences, our expectations and our perceived knowledge. Which basically means we all see the world differently.

Not one person will see the world completely as you do, which means when you communicate with people you need to understand this fact. Taking the time to listen and talk to people before presuming their understanding is of minimal effort.

Is Your Brain Fooling You?

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We can’t fight it, it is what it is and we are manipulated everyday by it all. But we can take the time to think before we act and to take the time to try and understand another persons perceptions


Bit of a deep one isn’t it, until next week guys have a great week.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!




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