Is It Fate?

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Time for a #MondayMotivation post to start us off this Monday morning.

Everyone knows what fate is right?

Well the oxford dictionary describe fate as ‘The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power’.

So fate is seen to be an ordered course of events that are either inevitable or unavoidable, which are all fixed in the natural order to the universe and the cosmos.  Now I do believe this to a point but there are some people that believe that because of this it’s far easier to leave their fate in the hands of others, or to the elements.  This is where I loose some faith in peoples desire to grow, as these people are the first to then blame everything and anything when things do not go the way they would of liked and I don’t understand it.

How about taking the wheel yourself and take control.

You hold your fate in your hands everyday and you can take control of your world.

You may say that, well it’s my fate to be here and to be where I am now.  Well maybe yes, but maybe your fate is also to read this post and become aware that you can take control of your world and your universe and you can decide what is inevitable or unavoidable for you.  You can have anything and you can be anything, but for it to happen you have to take responsibility for your world and make it happen.

Is It Fate?

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You hold your fate.  Don’t use fate as an excuse for NOT taking action.  Use fate as the excuse TO take action and watch your universe blossom.


Have a great week guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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