Increase Your Punching Power

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So todays #TrainingTip I want to go through how to improve your striking power.  

At any level of fighter, your striking power can be the difference between walking away a winner or being a beat up mess.  So being able to deliver powerful punches becomes pretty vital.

Now power is a calculation of force displacement over time, or in other words the speed at which strength can be delivered (strength + velocity = power), so in order to deliver a more powerful strike the aim of the game is to deliver more strength faster.  

Sounds simple doesn’t it? and yes it is that simple but there are two elements of striking you must consider.  First, how strong and fast you are and second, how good is your technical ability to deliver a powerful strike?.  Now I’m going to leave the technical side of things to other coaches out there, as its hard to fine tune someones technique without actually seeing them in motion.  So I’m just going to concentrate on the first element and tell you some little secrets on how to improve your power out.

This may be a surprise to some but the arm and shoulder alone actually only deliver around 10-15 percent of the power behind a punch, the rest of the 85-90 percent comes from the truck and lower half the body. 

Increase Your Punching Power

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So if your thinking is to just work on the swans, your gains are only going to be small.  Power is generated all the way from the feet on the floor all the way to the fist.  Now all of a sudden a simple punch becomes a big movement using a hell of a lot of musculature. 

The key is working on building a strong posterior chain and truck.  Exercises like deadlifts, front squats, landlines and cleans are the recipe for a more powerful punch.

Now go get to work.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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