How Quickly Do You Eat?

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This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about the speed you eat.

So how quickly do you eat?

Strange question I know but the speed in which you eat has a direct effect on your body.  You’ve just sat down to a meal in front of you; do you wolf it down and have the plate licked clean in 10 minutes flat? Or do you take your time to enjoy your food whilst enjoying some conversation for 20-30 minutes?

I can hold my hands up and say I was definitely the former, I was always first to finish and would then pick away until everyone else had caught up.  Does this sound like you?  Eating quickly has been shown to have a direct link to some of the causes of obesity and excessive weight gain.  And at the same time eating slower has been seen to stabilise weight gain and even manageably reduce weight alone.


But how does this work?

Well you’ll probably be surprised to know but it actually takes your body around about 20 minutes from starting your meal for your brain to send out signals to say you’re satisfied.  So just think, if you, just like I used to, you have a clean happy empty plate in next to no time, you would have not given your body time to register that you no longer require any more food.  And since you’ve not had the signal what are you going to do, have more of course.

Just think what those extra calories that you’re consuming could be doing to you!  Just by slowing your eating down could be just one of the simplest and game changing things you do to improve your overall health and help you hit your goals.  Take more time to enjoy what you are eating, notice the tastes, the textures and the smells.

A study looking into the speed of eating compared the results of 30 healthy women over two separate visits eating slow and quick.  The results found that when eating quicker the women consumed an average of 646 calories in 9 minutes, where as over 29 minutes they only consumed 579 calories.

Yes it’s only an extra 67 calories, BUT think about that over 3 meals per day 7 days a week, it’s exponential.  But the research didn’t stop there, when the women ate faster they reported hunger quicker than after they had eaten slower.  So here’s the cruel twist, not only did eating quicker mean they consumed more, but by eating quicker they also weren’t satisfied for as long either.  There is loads of research and evidence that shows the same results as this study so this is not an isolated finding.

How Quickly Do You Eat?

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So by eating slower you consume less, you feel satisfied for longer, your digestion is better, your hydration is better and you have better control over weight management.  Not only that but you also reduce the likelihood of reflux, indigestion or heartburn and even food poisoning.  I’m not being funny but this is surely a win for everyone.

Well…  Your goal may not be to lose weight or maintain what you have.  Maybe you are after gaining weight or muscle, which you will need to be consuming more and be in a positive energy balance.  So maybe for this very fact eating quicker is the right thing for you.

Whatever your goals, the speed in which you eat can have a big impact on them.  So bring a little more attention into meal times and enjoy all that good food.


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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