Hoverboard RANT!!!

Morning all,

This weeks #TrainingTips post is both advice and getting something off my chest.

I sit at my computer in my office everyday writing these posts, programme’s and doing all the boring stuff that would send most people to sleep.  My office window looks out on to the front of my house where I can see the world go by, which is a nice distraction at times.  However sometimes the sights I see in my street just leave me more annoyed and scared for future generations.

My Hoverboard RANT!!!

So here I am sitting there typing away and out of the corner of my eye I see movement, I turn my head to take a glance when I see 3 kids going by.  Nothing unusual there, but then I notice one of them is on one of those hoverboard Segway things.  That’s cool I thought, would love to have a go on one.

Hoverboard RANT!!!

Image Source: http://ewheelsusa.com/standard-hoverboards/red-6.5-ul-2272-certified-hoverboard/

The preceding days and weeks I notice this countless times, but the more I notice it, the more I take notice that the one child on this hoverboard is quite obviously over weight in comparison to the other 2 walking along.  Then this weekend whilst out doing a little shopping I am passed by what appears to be a family out doing their shopping too.  Now normally such a thing wouldn’t catch my eye but the whole family were a little on the larger side, again nothing really that would draw my attention, but to see one of their children stood floating along on a hoverboard.  Let’s say it wound me up and consequently fuelled this rant.

I would first like to apologise if you know or are the parent of said or another child that uses or owns one of these things.  My intentions are not to cause trouble or question your parenting skills.  I’m not a parent myself so I have no life experience in this matter.  Hey I’ve said those hoverboard’s look cool and I’d love to have a go.


BUT, would it replace my perfectly evolved legs to carry me from place to place.  HELL NO!!

When I see this it scares the hell out of me.  Why?  Because I get visions from that film Wall- E where everyone is laid up in hover chairs, massively over weight and about the only thing that could be constituted as movement let alone exercise is the movement from hand to mouth and the movement of the jaw.

Hoverboard RANT!!!

Image Source: http://www.theultraviolet.com/wordpress/2010/09/wall-e-is-our-future-or-at-least-the-fat-roly-polys-are/

Of course this is ridiculous, but we won’t go from where we are now to that vision in the click of our fingers.  It will be slow and progressive, but I see it happening.

We’ve just seen the Rio Olympics come to a close with the Paralympics about to start and especially with Great Britain now being named a sporting superpower, everyone of all ages should be motivated into sport and exercise.  We already live in an over consuming world with the epidemic that is obesity and diabetes growing, so this even further lack of movement will only help accelerate the problem.  We are only in this state because we don’t move enough and we consume too much.  This is not meant to be a stern pointed finger at anyone, but more of an awakening and a realisation to what is happening around us.


So please if you will, yes play on that hoverboard but don’t let it replace the legs you’ve been given.

Thank you and I’m sorry, rant over…


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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