Holiday Gains

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This weeks #TrainingTips post is about those holiday gains we all put on when we head off on our holidays.

Whenever we have a break from our usual routine, like going on holiday, festive breaks and the like, we always end up by the end of it thinking that we’ve seriously over indulged and we’ve got a mountain of fat to lose because of it.

What if I told you that the extra weight you’ve gained and the increased waistline might not actually be fat at all?

Tis true.  We all do it, exercise and diet go completely out the window and so it should you’re on holiday.  But when we come back we end up bringing back more than when we left and I don’t mean in our suitcase either.  So many people believe this to be an increase in fat storage, well you’ll be pleased to know that this is not often the case.

In fact you’ll probably find it’s water retention and here’s why.

When we consume more than our usual fill of carbs than normal (all those treats and eating out is often carb heaven) our body will unfortunately store the extra.

How come?  Well carbs are stored in our bodies in the form of glycogen and 1g of glycogen can store 3g of water.  So think about it, if you’ve not been a saint while you’ve been away your body will have been storing more glycogen than normal and therefore more water too.  To actually gain the amount of weight most people do in actual fat is actually not an easy thing to do, possible but highly unlikely from a week or two away.

This is also why you see quick weight reductions in low carb diets.  Your body is using the stored glycogen and hence reducing the water your body can retain.  We all usually see this in only a couple of weeks of being back, weight normalises and waistline returns pretty much back to normal.  Water retention can usually be the cause of temporary and daily weight fluctuations too, so don’t get stressed if your weight does fluctuate from day to day.

Holiday Gains

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This doesn’t mean that when you come back from holiday you don’t have to workout and eat well to lose it though.  Coming back and normalising your diet and workout routine will soon see that post holiday body go back to normal.


Have a great weekend guys.


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