Glutes 101

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It’s about time we had another 101 guide, so for this weeks #TrainingTips post it’s all about GLUTES.

Everyone loves a good pair of buns and for the past few years there has been a lot of focus on the glutes and that’s not just in the fitness industry.  You’re seeing and hearing more and more booty related songs and images than ever and if you’ve missed that having a good bum is the in thing at the moment, where have you been?

Everybody now wants that JLo ass.  But unfortunately not all women are gifted with a round and shapely bum and it’s not just you ladies that are after a good bum.  Us guys want to make sure our bums are filling the back of our jeans and I’m sure you ladies won’t be complaining for that either.

Your glutes aren’t just there for show however, they are actually very important for posture and overall strength and power, not to mention the positive effect on some back ailments.  The shape and roundness of your bum does partially come down to how much body fat you hold, reduce that body fat and just watch that bum tighten and that cellulite disappear.  But if you’re the owner of a flat bum, don’t worry.  Your bum is a muscle and just like any muscle it has the potential to grow, but for that you’re going to need to lift.  And when I say lift I mean weight and more of it and that means more than your body pump class.

So here is my guide to building the bum you’ve always wanted.


Glutes 101



King of the glutes.  There are many variations of squat, front, back, goblet the list could go on, so choose a variation you’re happy to load and squat with and any variations are always good.   Lots of people say ass to the grass and agreed the lower you go the higher degree of glute activation occurs, however, please don’t sacrifice structure for depth.  Keep that chest up and watch out for lumber flexion and avoid it if you can.



The Queen of the glutes.  The deadlift is a huge posterior chain exercise which boasts more than just helping you get a great ass.  It’s a must have in all peoples training programmes.  Just remember to watch that posture and keep the bar close.


Step Up

Very much like your squat, but step ups allow you to work the legs independently as well as allowing a deeper knee to hip angle, reducing the amount of flexion at the lumber.  For added focus at the top of every step up actively squeeze those glutes.


Hip Bridges

There are loads of variations of hip bridges, so take your pick, get comfortable with the weight across your hips and thrust.


Glute Ham Raise

A favourite in the CrossFit community.  The glute ham raise is a great exercise if you have the equipment available to allow you the do them.  If you do focus on keeping a strong posture and go for control rather than speed, slow controlled reps will have your glutes singing in no time.

Glutes 101

Image Source: © Paulprescott | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

So if you are after that bum to be jealous of get these exercises in your programme and start lifting.



Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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