Gooood morning!

So today’s #MotivationMonday post has been influenced by my weekends activities.

First of all the missus and I were back on the slopes at the MK Snozone for an evenings carve up and a lot of falling over… (If your not falling, your not trying hard enough) but no matter how many times we fell we got back up and tried again!!

Feeling a little stiff and battered on Sunday, we both needed to stretch our legs but didn’t want to do anything too strenuous, so we signed up as volunteer dog walkers at a local dog sanctuary. It was lovely afternoon, one; walking around the forest and two; knowing we were helping in some way shape or form no matter how little it may seem.


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Now I understand time is precious but if you have some spare time this week or over the weekend, no matter how small that time is, give something back, or help someone or something, purely for the intrinsic satisfaction of giving. If we all gave just a little time, it would be amazing how far that effort would stretch and what a huge impact it would make.

Right on with the week, get giving.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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