Get A Little Colder

Morning all,

It’s time to get a little colder for another Friday #TrainingTips post.

And yes I mean you.

The temperature is dropping now, the mornings are spent scraping your windscreen and everyones home becomes their warm cosy escape out of the cold.  But why don’t you use this drop in temperature to your advantage?

Did you know exposing yourself to the cold can actually be of benefit to you.

Get A Little Colder

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Yep it can and heres why.

Cold exposure can aid fat loss

Being cooler will help you burn more cal’s and can actually help convert specifically white adipose tissue into metabolically active brown fat.  This has even been liked to positively effecting bone health.

Cold exposure can reduce inflammation and speed up recovery

Being exposed to low temperatures or having cold therapy can raise levels of adiponectin, this is a protein that helps prevent inflammation.  This can reduce excessive swelling and blood flow and in turn pain of injured areas and even speed up the healing process.

Cold exposure can increase life span

A theory that has been bantered around for a long time is that being cooler can extend your life.  The reason why researches suggest this is because it has been found that many animals, inspects and fish that live in cooler temperatures have a much greater life expectancy than their warms family members.  I’m not convinced myself but it’s an interesting hypothesis.

Cold exposure can strengthens your nervous system

Exposing yourself to bouts of cold can strengthen your nervous system by two means.  One being cold as like a workout for the body and we all no the benefits of exercise.  But two by being cold you are forcing your body to adapt to that environment, even the it’s not a long period of time.

Cold exposure can help regulate blood sugars

Our friend adiponectin from above can aid blood glucose regulation too and the cold can also enhance our body’s response to insulin.

Cold exposure can improve sleep

Having a cooler bedroom to sleep in (they reckon between 15-19*C) can regulate better sleep cycles and studies have found that this can even double the slow wave sleep state.

Get A Little Colder

All of this is just mildly cold, you don’t have to be shivering.

Here are a few ideas you can implement easily:

  • Reduce your heating in your house a little
  • Turn your heating off at night
  • Take a cold shower
  • Take a cold walk or run


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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