Fuelling the Fire


If you take part in any form of physical activity or even if you don’t for that matter, it’s important to fuel the fire within to get you through the day.

Just like any fire if you’ve not put enough wood or coal on to keep the blaze roaring it’ll burn out and go cold.  Now you don’t want that to happen to your body do you.

Restricting the body from its essential carbs, fats and proteins, will only lead to bad things.  In some cases things such as excessive weight gain, unhealthy weight loss, negative effects to your immune system and metabolism, as well as potential effects to the efficiency of your heart and digestive system and this is seriously just brushing the surface!

So ignore all these stupid quick fix diets and meal replacement plans which are just that “A QUICK FIX” not a fix which actually lasts, eat normal food and make it clean; plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish and not forgetting to hydrate well too, its not hard.


Fuelling the Fire

Image source: http://www.justinbuzzard.net/2014/03/17/the-fire-triangle-of-church/

Fuel that fire and give it hell!


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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