Fuel For Your Body Type

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This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about you and your body type.

Fuel For Your Body Type


I’m always giving you tips and advise which will help you towards achieving your health and fitness goals, but everybody’s body is different and depending on your body type will change how your body reacts to a training stimulus and it’s nutritional requirements.

Have you ever noticed the way some people seem to be able to achieve amazing physique results with relatively little effort and some seem to slog their way endlessly in the gym for very little change?  This may be due to nutrition or lifestyle related cause, however it could be their genetics holding them back.

There are 3 different body types, ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.  Each different body type is different in it’s appearance and also have different characteristics and sensitivities which may cause a persons goals either harder or easier to achieve.

Fuel For Your Body Type

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So lets look at each one in turn:


Ectomorphs are typically long and lean and have the build of a marathon runner and funnily enough prefer endurance-based exercise.  Ectomorphs typically aspire to gain muscle and strength, which unfortunately they find it hard regardless of how many hours are placed in the gym.

Sound like you?

Ectomorphs typically have a fast paced metabolism, are thyroid dominant and have a higher tolerance for carbohydrates.

Ectomorphs tend to gravitate toward long bouts of steady cardio and also over do isolation exercises like bicep curls in the vision to gain muscle.  If you love long runs and long endurance based activities then please continue, but if you’re after adding a little shape you really should be doing more compound movements like squats, deadlifts and bench with a rep range of 8-12.   Doing this will boost the hormone building blocks that are released around the body.  To help your gains a diet high in calories is needed and this doesn’t mean you can eat what you want.  Having a healthy diet based around whole foods rich in carbs, proteins and fats is where its at.  An average stating point for an Ectomorph is having a 25%, 55% and 20% nutrient split over protein, carbohydrates and fat respectfully.



Endomorphs are typically pear shaped or a little rounder, this is because endomorphs have a higher tendency to store fat.  Endomorphs prefer strength based exercise and typically aspire to lose body fat, however find it quite difficult.

Sound like you?

Endomorphs typically have a slower metabolic rate, are insulin dominant, and have a low carbohydrate tolerance.

Endomorphs just like ectomorphs tend to do a lot of slow steady state cardio with the aim of burning off those pounds, when in fact your time could be used a lot more effectively.  Doing higher intensity interval based training will produce greater results, whilst combining strength and cardio elements to help reduce body fat, as well as having a more traditional strength training programme too.  This body type needs to be a lot more conscious of food intake and more often than not their carb intake is very high, try and focus on lowering the carbs and raising the protein and dietary fibre.  An average stating point for an Endomorph is having a 35%, 25% and 40% nutrient split over protein, carbohydrates and fat respectfully.



Mesomorphs are typically the people you look at and want to look like.  Mesomorphs prefer bodybuilding and relative strength related exercises, hence why you find they are usually well built, look more athletic and find it easier to gain muscle due to more responsive muscle cells.

Sound like you?

Mesomorphs typically have a fast metabolic rate, are testosterone and growth hormone dominant, and have a moderate carbohydrate tolerance.

Mesomorphs tend to take their natural athletic build for granted by having a poor diet of fast food and over consuming protein and having a sporadic and pretty poor training regime.  For the lucky people who have these genes, your body is very responsive to the stimulus’s you give it and tends to respond best to low rep higher strength and power exercises.  As for diet, consuming whole foods, complex carbs, lean meats and healthy fats just like the rest is just as important.  An average stating point for an Mesomorph is having a 30%, 40% and 30% nutrient split over protein, carbohydrates and fat respectfully.


These body types are not completely conclusive as you can be a crossover between two types:

  • Ecto-mesomorph
  • Endo-mesomorph

If you find yourself to be a crossover body type, taking advise from body types and experimenting with the specifics to see what works best for you and your training goals is needed.  Your lifestyle can also alter your natural somatotype to cause a hybrid body type like shown above.


All this being said, determining your body type in-relation to your body goal may not be the same thing.  This is why if you want to prioritise:

  • Gain muscle – follow the ectomorphic recommendations.
  • Lose fat – follow the endomorphic recommendations.
  • Endurance performance – follow the ectomorphic recommendations.
  • Power performance – follow the mesomorphic recommendations.
  • Strength – follow the mesomorphic recommendations.


Following these recommendations are not exhaustive, adjustments may need to be made to produce continual progress, this is why it’s important to consult an qualified nutritionist or a certified exercise professional who has the appropriate qualifications to give nutrition advice.


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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