Do You Have The Right Recipe?

Morning all,

Another Monday has arrived so it must be time for a #MondayMotivation post.

We are fast approaching the month of May and realising this it does make you wonder where on earth has the last 4 months disappeared too?  Being one third of the way through this year already you should be well on your way to ticking off some of those New Year goals by now, which you planned back in December or January.

If you aren’t, then the question is, why not?


Do you have the right recipe?

Sounds a strange thing to ask I know but you may have all the right ingredients but are you applying them in the right way to get to where you would like to go?

‘Its not about the ingredients its about the recipe’

Think for a moment, you have a pile of ingredients in front of you and you are asked to make a beautiful meal out of it, just like they do on Master Chef.  Now everybody’s interpretation of these ingredients will be different.  Each and every person will have different ideas of how to combo things up to make this beautiful meal.

Do You Have The Right Recipe?

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But which combination will bring together the most mouth-watering meal?

In the hands of a chef, who understands flavours and the way foods work together, they will produce a delicious meal time after time.  But what would it be like for you?  Would you be able to produce a mouth-watering meal that would get the seal of approval from Gregg and John?

I know we are using food as a metaphor here, but you may have all the ingredients around you to be able to achieve every single goal you have on your New Years list and more, but you might not be applying your ingredients in the right way.  Whatever the goals are on your list, keep working and keep striving to achieve them.  Try as many different recipes as you can before you find the right one and if you think you need to add some extra herbs or spices to your list of ingredients, then go get it.

Do You Have The Right Recipe?

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Strive to be the very best at your craft and excel, never give up and keep hustling.


Have a great week guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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