Controlling Time

Morning all,  

It’s Monday and I’m back from sunny Mexico so it’s time for a #MondayMotivation post, I do hope you’ve missed me.

So after my holiday I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to hit the back end of this year hard.  I do love being able to get away from the hustle and bustle.  It’s the perfect time to let yourself unwind.  It’s good for the mind and the soul.  It gives me plenty of good thinking time without having the worry of being here or being there and doing this or doing that.  

On Thursday last week I was laid back on the sun lounger catching some morning raise, thinking how I only had a couple of days left before coming home when I got thinking how sometimes time seems to either go ridiculously quick or mind numbingly slow.  

Have you ever noticed that?  

How those 20 seconds seems to fly by when resting between intervals, or how long that 20 seconds seems to drag on when exercising for 20 seconds.  Strange isn’t it?  How about when you’re with friends and family enjoying yourself, you seem to get so much done in what seem such a little amount of time, but then when you take a look at the time you realise how hours have just flashed by in what must feel only a matter of minutes.  Or when you’re doing one of those jobs you hate you never seem to get much done in the time you’ve been given yourself, time just seems to stand still, as if it’s tormenting you.  

Why is that?  Time is time surely? It doesn’t speed up or down, time is a constant.  Maybe it’s our perceptions and awareness of time that changes, but and how does this happen?

You can tell I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate whilst on holiday can’t you?!?!

Controlling Time

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Well he’s my thoughts.  

Let’s take two examples from above; the one where you’re with friends and family and the other of doing a job you hate.  You spend the same amount of physical time in both cases but one seems fly by whilst the other seems like a lifetime.  The only real difference between the two of them is your own awareness of time.  Think about it when you’re doing something you enjoy when do you clock watch?  Never or not very often anyway.  The latter however, you know for a fact you’ll be keeping an eye on the time because you can’t wait for it to be over.  I’m definitely guilty of it.  

So maybe we all need to be doing more of the stuff where we don’t clock watch, or more of the stuff we enjoy.  Resist the temptation to keep having a quick look at our watch.  We may just get more done.  Obviously if we have places to go and places to be at certain times in the day, so we must have some awareness of time, it’s essential.  But maybe we should instead of keeping an eye on the ticking clock, we should set reminders to alert us of it’s time to get yourself ready to go here or there.  I know I’m always a lot more productive when I’m not clock watching.


Think about it, have a go at trying to not clock watch and see if you become more productive, less stressed and maybe a little happier.  That’s exactly what I’m going to be doing from now on.


Give it a go and let me know your thoughts.  Have a great week guys.



Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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