Can you bench press???


Can you bench press?!?



Can you bench press???

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Everyone loves a good bench press especially the guys!  But you’d be amazed how many people bench incorrectly, so here are just a few tips for you to tighten up your tekkers.

Tip 1 – You want to be pressing from a stable base that comes from having a tight upper back, getting those shoulder blades retracted with your chest up and driving your heels into the ground just behind your knees sets you up pretty sweetly.

Tip 2 – Talking about retracting those shoulder blades, when you can, get a helping hand and do hand-off’s from the rack.  And just incase your thinking ‘what the hell are hand-off’s’, getting a hand-off is just getting someone else to unload the bar from the rack and then pass you the bar.  By doing this those shoulders will stay in a retracted position, as if you have to take the bar from the rack yourself those shoulder blades have got to protract in order to do so, which means before you’ve even started your first rep you’ve placed those shoulders in a vulnerable position already.

Tip 3 – Press fast and to lock out, that bar wants to be traveling in a full range of motion, no half reps around here please!

Tip 4 – And lastly don’t just train your mirror muscles and leave out that back, building a strong upper back can add kgs to your bench as well as your deadlifts.  Not only that but your programmes should always have some symmetry to them, equal pushes to pulls, unless your working on postural correction or its your sport specific, even so you’ve got to consider the longevity of your body’s health too.


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