Are You In A Sprint Or A Marathon?

Morning all,

It’s Monday morning which can only mean one thing, time for a #MondayMotivation post.

Today’s post is going to start with a question. 

Are you in a sprint or a marathon?

Now you may not like running at all but the question I’m asking is not referring to running at all.  Puzzled?  What I’m asking is do you sprint in life or are you playing the long game like a marathon?

Many people say life is like a marathon and I agree to a point.  I personally hope to be here on this floating rock called Earth for as long as I can possibly be, but I don’t plan on plodding on by and watching life float on by at marathon pace.  Sod that!

In my opinion you’ve got to aim for marathon distance but SPRINT as much as you can.  


When did it ever become wrong to sprint and achieve one goal, then sprint to achieve another one and another?.  I personally can’t see any other way to live.  Why would you jog along when you could pick up the pace and achieve so much more?  If anybody has a problem with you sprinting, it’s only because they are fearful of sprinting themselves and have not yet achieved the goals they have set out for themselves.  If you’re not in any rush to get to where you want to go or to achieve your goals any time soon, then please carry on jogging on, you’ll get there eventually.

Some would quote the tortoise and the hare story and whilst the lessons in this story are very valid, the only reason the hare never won is that he made the poor choice to have a nap along the way.  What this story teaches me is not that sprinting is flawed or a bad choice, but to keep your eyes on the prize and never act to confident and cocky as it will bite you in the ass.  Be humble and clever like the tortoise but move at the speed of the hare.

 Are You In A Sprint Or A Marathon?

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I write these posts to inspire and motivate you to take action and to make more of the opportunities that cross your path.  Today’s post is just to remind you that you could sometimes pick up the pace and hit sprinting speed whilst on your marathon.

So what are you jogging towards is the question and could you sprint instead?


Have a great week everyone.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!






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