Are You A Worrier?

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It’s that time again for another #MondayMotivation post and it starts with a question.

Are You A Worrier?

Are You A Worrier?

We all worry about on a day-to-day basis and it’s a completely natural thing.  But some worry more than others but what you worry about is it necessary worry or could you let go of it?   And the choice is yours.

There are two types of worry:

  • Worry that you have control over.
  • Worry that you have NO control over.  

What’s the difference, CONTROL.  If you worry about something you have control over, do something about it.  Worrying for the sake of worrying is crazy.

An example of worry that you can control: you’ve left the house and you think you might of left the door unlocked.  Here you have a choice, go do something about it and either go home and check, or get hold of someone to check for you.


The only time worry is useful is when there is some positive action to be taken right away.  Worry and stress is not healthy and we all seem to worry and stress far too much about stuff we have no control over.  So what to do?  If you’re worrying over something you can control, do something about it.  If you’re worrying about something you can’t control either stop worrying and let it go, or try your best not to become overwhelmed by worry and stress.  Try to manage it so it doesn’t become a problem.

How to manage it is always easier said than done though.  But here are a couple of strategies that always work for me:

  • Taking the time to meditate for 10-15 minutes
  • Put pen to paper in a mind dumping session

It really can make a world of difference when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Are You A Worrier?

Do something about it or manage it, it’s your choice you’re in control, so don’t let it control you.


Have a great week guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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