Alcohol Revisited

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So today’s #MondayMotivation post is all about alcohol.

With last week being our annual Beer Fest week I thought it was pertinent to re-share a article I wrote last year about alcohol.  Give it a read it may just surprise you or not as the case may be.

Last week I saw an article that was being shared around all about alcohol and after reading it I felt I had to write my own as it’s such a shame that these articles even make publication.  If you saw it and gave it a read yourself yes the facts stated where true, but however they only talked about such effects of chronic consumption.  So Joe Blogs reading that blog may have been scared to ever touch a drop again.

What was missing from that blog was telling you about any benefits of alcohol and what it is to be a low to moderate consumer.  What these articles forget is we are all human and we are not all perfect.  Enjoying life may mean that we may do certain things that are deemed to be bad for us, however for the most of us all of this is in a moderate fashion.

So let’s start again shall we. 

Let’s start with what alcohol is.  There are many types of alcohol but Ethanol is what you find in beer, wine, whiskey and any other alcoholic beverages.  Ethanol is formed by fermenting carbohydrate dense plants like barley, wheat, corn and fruit.  Ethanol is an energy rich source for the body with every gram containing 7 calories.

Once consumed alcohol is readily consumed across the whole of the gastrointestinal tract, where it is then sent to the liver to be metabolised.  The liver will metabolise about 90% of the alcohol consumed with the remaining 10% entering the bloodstream unaltered.  Ethanol itself is not toxic, however the byproducts (acetaldehyde and acetate) are.  These are what give you that nausea feeling.

Consuming alcohol can lead to weight gain if your total calories are over your daily requirement.  Remember my energy balance article.  But however, if you like to have a regular drink and offset the alcohol calories by reducing what you eat you can find yourself in protein malnutrition, which will lead to muscle loss and lowering of your metabolic rate.  Any alcohol consumption can cause dehydration by suppressing the anti-diuretic hormone release, which means you’ll be taking more trips to the toilet.  Which I’m sure we all understand very well.

Alcohol Revisited

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Alcohol in some instances though can promote better overall health, you didn’t read that did you?  Moderate consumption is defined as 1-2 alcoholic drinks a day or up to 30g of alcohol a day.  However half of one drink to one drink a day or several times a week has been shown to promote the greatest health benefits.  Despite the potential health benefits there are a lot better ways to reduce cardiovascular disease, like eating well and exercising.

But over and above that then that’s when the problems start to occur.  Chronic consumption can cause nutrient malabsorption especially in fat and protein absorption, as well as reduce insulin sensitivity, anaerobic energy and sex hormones.  High consumption also increases oxidative stress on the body that is linked to cardiovascular and fatty liver disease, cancer and diabetes.

Consuming more than 50g a day can also:

  • Injure your liver
  • Increase fat synthesis
  • Displace nutrients
  • Displace omega-3 fat intake
  • Shrink muscle tissue
Alcohol Revisited

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Here’s some interesting facts that you may not of known: whilst chronic alcohol consumption does damage the liver, we only need 10-20% of our liver to be functioning to sustain life.  Not only that but our liver is one of the few organs that has complete regenerative proprieties.

It won’t have been a surprise to read that over consumption is not good for you, but the majority of us are not alcoholics and due enjoy a beer or wine from time to time.  So like with most things in life moderation is key.

When reading any such articles, mine included, always look to see if they share a comparative or counter argument.  Remember there are always to sides to a coin.  There are masses of research out there that show the benefits and dangers of alcohol and all of it never really proves one solid truth.

For me, I’ve read both sides and I still drink.  Moderation is key, but am I going to stop enjoying a beer or a glass of wine NO.

Read between the lines and don’t get swayed by such nonsense.


Have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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