Monday morning once again!

Had a great weekend of rocking climbing and relaxing, spending time with special people in my life.

I love stepping out of my comfort zone to test myself both physically and mentally, but also to see other people do the same and see how they deal with it (lifelong observer), it makes you appreciate life and makes you thankful for what you have and where you’re going.

Our actions and the way we conduct ourselves shape our lives, how we approach opportunities and deal with situations lay the foundations to the path we follow.  The universe is perfectly balanced in that every action has a reaction and what you give out you will receive.

So before you take action, take a moment to think is it ‘just’ and is it for the ‘greater good’ of humanity.  Now it’s easier said than done, to think before you take action, but with practice and patience, it gets easier.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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