5 Mistakes I See Countless People Make Year On Year.

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It’s Friday so it must be time for a #TrainingTips post again.

As you will have noticed winter is definitely on it’s way now and we will be saying good-bye to double-digit temperatures until next years spring.  At this time of year everyone starts to relax a bit more about their body image and tend to add a few pounds and that’s both men and women.  I’m not sure if this is due to wanting to keep warmer or if it’s because that body will be firmly wrapped up and not on show until next summer.

For whatever reason this is what I always find baffling is the majority of individuals don’t think about getting into shape again until summer is just round the corner and it’s time to get more skin out.  This is when panic mode sets in and it becomes their mission to drop and couple of dress sizes, tone up and get that fabulous bikini body all in a time span that is completely unrealistic.

5 Mistakes I See Countless People Make Year On Year.

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Now I’m going to let you in on a secret.  The trick is, and this is how the pros do it.


Build your body in the winter and enjoy it in the summer.


Yep… there is no real golden nugget apart from hard work and dedication.  So to help you on your way to next summers bikini body I’ve put together 5 mistakes I see countless people make year on year.


Following very low calories diet

You need to fuel the fire for it to burn, no fuel means burn out and your body is no different.  It seems to be a common misconception that by eating next to nothing you will achieve the results you’re after.  However, by restricting your calorie intake too much you could actually be doing more harm than good.

Under eating can cause lack of energy and mental alertness, depression, slowed metabolism, nutrient deficiencies and loss of lean muscle mass.  Seek out some advise from a health professional to help you put together a plan of action that is right for you.  Trying to loose anymore the 2 pounds of fat per week and you will be encroaching on muscle wastage and you don’t want that as it will limit your fat burning potential.


Doing to much cardio

Everyone immediately thinks that to burn fat means you need to do hours and hours of cardio.  To sculpt a lean slim physique you need to definitely have a cardio element in your programming, but what you do need to get more accustomed too is resistance training.  Hitting the weights will speed up your metabolism and turn your body into a calorie and fat burning machine even throughout the night whilst you’re sleeping.


Setting unrealistic expectations

Setting out to drop 2 or 3 dress sizes in the matter of a month is just never going to happen.  If loosing body fat was easy we would all be looking like they do in the magazines, but in reality it’s hard work.  So be realistic with your goals and expectations and don’t attach unrealistic time frames to achieve them in.  Just because you may know someone that dropped ‘X’ amount of pounds in a month doest mean you can, or even that you should.

Take each day at a time and do something everyday that will move you further along your healthy journey and closer to your goals.


Not pushing yourself hard enough

Most people don’t push themselves hard enough to achieve the goals they desire.  Eating well for 4 out of 7 days is not going to get you where you want to be, neither will picking up the 4kg dumbbells in the gym when you’re physically capable of so much more.

To make changes you need to have a plan and stick to it:

  • Have a nutrition plan set out to follow so you don’t find yourself snacking on unnecessary things.
  • In the gym your body responds to stresses, so partaking in some form of vigorous exercise will set the wheels in motion.

Of course you need to make sure you’re safe to do such things, so always consult your GP in you’re unsure.  Also kit yourself out with a good heart rate monitor, these things are great for monitoring how hard you’re working as well as letting you know how many calories you have burnt.


Doing the something again and again

We’ve all got to start somewhere, but there comes a time when you have been doing the same thing over and over and you need to mix things up a little to keep your body progressing and avoiding overtraining or boredom.

Manipulating the volume, intensity or tempo of an exercise can sometimes be all that’s needed to give your body the kick it needs.  But variety is good for anyone’s programme.



Knowledge is power guys, put this information to good use.  Looking and feeling amazing is a life long goal, not something that comes around like the seasons of the year.  Get cracking now, summer of 2017 will be here before you know it.


Enjoy and have a great weekend guys.


Stay strong and live, love and laugh!





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