Fuel For Your Body Type

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about you and your body type. Fuel For Your Body Type   I’m always giving you tips and advise which will help you towards achieving your health and fitness goals, but everybody’s body is different and depending on your body type will change how your body reacts…

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What Makes You Happy?

Morning all, I’m back in the grove and here’s a #MondayMotivation post to get you started this week. So after having a couple of weeks away in the States I’ve come back feeling energised, focused and due to no fault of my own of course a larger waist line.  Getting back into work and being…

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Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is one for all those that find the weight area in their gym intimidating. Are you intimidated? I would say just man (or women) up and get in there, but even for a seasoned lifter like myself, some weight areas in some gyms would still make me think twice. …

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